If anyone is looking for a list of attributes, ‘achievements’, publications, religious or political beliefs, occupational background, hobbies, interests, book lists, or anything similar……..forget it. A practising barrister until sanity kicked in, a respecter of persons but not necessarily their sacred cows, and an irreverent journeyman who is used to wandering through life’s unpredictable and often bleak, sh*t-covered and lunatic landscape. In all of this I have found one particular observation from the late George Carlin to hold more than a kernel of truth:”When you’re born, you get a ticket to the freak show.” You can either get in on the act, or decide to take a seat in the stalls to watch the entertaining insanity play out. I decided to take my seat.


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Well said, I learned to stand on the outer circle in order to see what was happening on the inner circle. Then I wondered if the circles had any part to play in my life, the art of wondering only led me to wandering. Was there only seven wonders of the world, as for sanity I guess it depends what is popular in vogue at that time or indeed if I am an active time lord at that moment in time.

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