There’s an interesting piece in today’s Daily Mail concerning third year law student, Vanessa Knowles, who has basically funded her studies by ‘stripping’, ‘webcam work’ and persuading her ‘legion of admirers’ to buy her textbooks and other (not necessarily legally-related) items from an ‘Amazon wish list’. [“‘Lap-dancing and webcam work teaches me transferable legal skills’: Law student set to scoop a first funds degree by stripping online – and earns £50k a year from it!” You can guess the kind of moral outrage that has been provoked amongst a high proportion of that publication’s readership.

I’m with Vanessa when it comes to talking up the number of transferable skills, here. I truly believe that lawyers and strippers make perfect bedfellows. I mean, first of all she takes a gullible public and offers them a fantasy. She then takes an incredible amount of money from her ‘clients’ on the back of promising them a memorable experience with the best outcome possible. Doubtless she will spend as little time as possible getting her clients to the point of believing they have received some satisfaction, said clients doubtless having paid handsomely up front for her services. She will lead them on and on, to the point where the client feels like they are losing all control. There will probably be a lot of moaning and groaning from the client for at least a while. And afterwards, the client will probably wonder whether any of it was worth it, because any satisfaction he may have derived lasted for such a relatively short period of time – it’s just that he will now be considerably financially poorer for the experience. And her bank balance will have increased handsomely.

One difference, obviously, is that with Vanessa you will at least have something tangible to show for it, at least a short time, once she has switched the web cam off.