The show trial of the decade continues in South Africa, as state prosecutor Gerrie Nel (see post 9th April 2014 “The Oscars”) really presses his case…….for another award.

Nel to Pistorius: “I think you’re trying to cover up for lies. I’m not convinced by your answers.”

Pistorius to Nel: “Well, you’re the state prosecutor. If you didn’t think that, I wouldn’t be standing here.”

Nel to Pistorius: “Don’t try and upstage me. You haven’t got the stomach for it.”

Pistorius to Nel: “You’re right about that. Most of it is in this bucket here, thanks to you.”

Nel to Pistorius: “You look a little pale, Mr Pistorius. A sign of guilt?”

Pistorius to Nel: “No, a sign my make-up is wearing off. [turns off to director]. I need a bit more powder. Is my forehead looking a little shiny?”

Nel to Pistorius: “You’re getting totally confused, aren’t you Mr Pistorius.”

Pistorius to Nel: “Too right! I thought I had to convince the judge, and now you tell me I have to convince you! Is this justice?”

Nel to Pistorius: “Justice? You’re in South Africa! What has justice got to do with it? Are you too tired to continue?”

Pistorius to Nel: “No, just tired of your showboating. [Pistorius puts head in hands]. Maybe I do need to go and lie down.”

Nel to Judge: “There you have it, M’Lady. A confession from the horses mouth. The defendant feels a compelling need to lie.”

[Cue wild applause from public gallery. Curtain falls. End of Act 3 Scene 4]