An article in today’s Daily Mail ( “I’ll have a Monster Mac please: Website lifts the lid on how to get the secret off-menu options at your favorite fast food chains… including Starbucks’ Liquid Cocaine and Burger King’s SUICIDE burger“) has revealed that many of ‘your favourite fast food chains’ (including Burger King, Subway, McDonalds and others) operate ‘a rather special secret menu’. The website ‘Hack the Menu’ contains a directory of establishments which offer ‘off the track’ delights. Burger King, for example, will apparently knock up something called the ‘Suicide Burger’, which sounds like your bog-standard burger only with four beef burgers, four slices of cheese and four rashers of bacon between the buns. McDonalds offer a similar kind of thing, only with six extra beef patties.

A spokesperson for KFC has refused to confirm that, for an extra £5, customers at their outlets are able to order a product that actually contains chicken.