Another of those nuggets of life experience that make you realise you aren’t alone.

You decide you want to listen to a particular piece of music on YouTube, so you pull up the site, and type your song of choice into the search box (let’s say, ‘James Blunt Three Wise Men’ – this, by the way, gets all the more irritating the more you’ve typed in, in an effort to access more effectively exactly what you want). The page starts to load (it’s never quick enough, is it?) and eventually the videos which fit your search criteria start to appear on the screen, your eyes immediately scanning for what you think might be the best selection (the letters HQ are always helpful in this regard), and then – as logic would dictate – you click on the one you want. But, and f**k how annoying this is, at the very nanosecond you click on it, your choice suddenly drops three places down the screen and what you have actually clicked on has been replaced by god-knows-what; but you have already clicked, and after a few seconds you are faced with some pile of total crap that you never wanted: it could be ‘Weird Tricks for Hair Loss’, ‘Pokemon Meets Lego’, or some other similar cods. Why do YouTube do it? I mean, allow the stuff you really are interested in to load up, and appear before your eyes, and within seconds replace the top three or four choices with something YouTube want to push into your face?  If I added up all the times this has happened, and the time spent in reloading the original page and waiting the several seconds for YouTube to spring this trick again, I would probably find I have wasted the equivalent of at least a night’s sleep on it.

A word to YouTube. If people want to see videos about ‘Boden Top Tips For Spring’, people will f**king type it into the search box! Until then, just show the stuff actually searched for, eh?